Back on the Verti-Go-round

So here I am, with another recurrence of vertigo. The room isn’t spinning so much as I feel like I’m in constant motion. If that makes sense.

Right now I’m taking my undizzy pills and sticking close to home. I’m up and about as much as possible, but once I’m up for a bit I start to stumble like I’m drunk, so not a great idea to take Scout for a walk. And probably not getting behind the wheel of my car today.

We’ll see if the doctor thinks this is a recurrence or something new, and if she needs to see me. Or if she thinks I’m a total hypochondriac …

Oh wait! The phone is ringing!! … That was my doctor’s office. Indeed, take the pills and wait it out. The nurse said that a recurrence can happen, sometimes can tell it’s coming but mostly you wake up and there it is.

So it’s back on the verti-go-round for a few days, I guess.


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