Meet Dali

Meet Dali, Cassie’s new puppy! Dali is 6 wks old (or 10 wks old, depending on which day you ask the guy they bought her from; he says she’s 6 wks old but based on the birthday he gave she’d be closer to 10 wks). She’s a lab/rotweiller mix and is going to be about 120 pounds when fully grown.

I puppy-sat yesterday because Cassie didn’t want to leave her alone while she went to work. Scout didn’t want anything to do with the puppy, and after giving her a few sniffs went upstairs to spend the day on our bed.

When she wasn’t sleeping (or peeing on the floor) Dali spent the day teasing the cat. Murphy hissed and batted at her, and hopefully has exerted his dominance in the situation, because it won’t be long before Dali with be bullying all of us around.

It’s nice having a puppy around, for a little while. But Scout, Murphy and I like our little trio. I complain a lot about being alone too much, but the truth is that I’m used to it now. I write, Scout sleeps at my feet, Murphy tears Miniville apart. It’s a great arrangement.


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