Dog Writers of America

I’m thinking about joining Dog Writers Association of America. I’m working on my dog memoir, All I Need to Know about Faith I Learned From My Dog, and I think it would be good idea to run with the pack, so to speak.

The application says I need to find two DWAA sponsors. What does a dog writing sponsor do? Do I need to call them every time I get a craving for a Milk Bone? Or better yet, do they help me in my literary pursuits?

I’m wondering when it’s time to look for an agent. Just when I feel like I’m confident with my idea, I do or say something so stupid to someone that I’m reminded that I’m prone to embarrassing myself at every turn. I don’t want to approach an agent too soon, and look like a fool. On the other paw, I could sit here until dogs run the White House and be no further along than I am right now.

I need to find a sponsor. I have questions, and those Snausages are starting to smell mighty tasty, too.


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