Petit mal kitty cat

Murphy was acting funny today, kind of slinking across the floor unsteadily, and his eyes were darting back and forth. I took him to the vet, and while we were there it happened several times again. The vet things he’s having petit mal seizures. They have him for the day and give him some phenobarbitol and then we’ll pick him up to come home because there’s no one overnight at the vet’s.

It was so weird – one minute the cat was fine, the next he was all out of sorts, couldnt’ walk straight or hold his head upright. And it only got worse. The last episode I saw lasted for a couple of minutes. I’m trying to find something he might have eaten or gotten into. That cat is everywhere. I came home the other day and he’d lost his breakaway collar. If I can find where he’d gotten tangled up I might be able to find what he got into. Although the vet says it’s likely just epilepsy and not a toxin, but the blood work should give us more clues.


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