Mischievious Murphy

When I took Murphy to the vet last week for his second leukemia shot, I told Dr. Hawkins I was a little bit worried, because Murphy didn’t seem to be eating as much as he normal. (Normal for him is to meow every time anyone goes into the kitchen, and to scarf down his food without chewing.) She thought that he was actually younger than a year when we adopted him, since he’d gained almost a pound and a half since his last visit, but since the worms were cleared up his appetite was probably back to normal for his age.

Well, the mystery has been solved. When David went into the basement the next day, he found a hole chewed in the 25# bag of Purina One Cat Food, a hole just big enough for a 7 1/2 pound cat to stick his head in and eat whenever he was hungry. Which apparently was often, considering the amount of food that was gone. We know it’s not the dog eating the food, because Scout doesn’t go in the basement (although he might if he knew there was a free buffet down there).

Anyway, we cut off Murphy’s on-demand food source and he’s back to his normal self: meowing every time someone goes into the kitchen, and stationing himself next to his food dish in the hopes that someone will feed him.


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