Last night was an interesting night with Scout. For all intents and purposes, he never went to sleep.

Oh sure, he dozed off for about an hour when we first hit the hay, which is when I got the bulk of my sleep, but otherwise he barked, paced, whined, and generally was a big pain in the behind.

He’s been sleeping in our bed for the past week so I hated to put him in the crate again, but I tried it, and he just whined and banged against the bars.

I took him out a few times, and he went potty, but mostly he sniffed and chased moths and ate grass.

And barked. And barked and barked and barked.

I finally had David take him out because I figured that if the dog was barking there might be some reason and I didn’t want to encounter a prowler, stray cat or neighborhood kid while I was in my nightie.

Eventually I just took Scout down stairs, crawled on the couch and let him play while I tried to rest. But the dog was really wound by now and started doing laps around the living and dining rooms, up on the couch, up on the recliner, bounding over my weary body. At about 7 AM he dozed off.

We tried to keep him active today so he’d be tired tonight, but it’s 11 PM and he’s preparing for a fight with the cat. So we’ll see.

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