We went to see some puppies last night, little six week old border collies.

The family that has them lives right up the road (we get our Christmas tree from them every year), and our vet and her brother (also a vet) took puppies from this litter. It seems like it might be a good match.

David and I have decided that if we get a male we’re fine with that. He’s had a lot of his concerns addressed about agression, spraying, etc.

I had absolutely no idea what the dogs were going to look like. I had spoken to the breeder where they got their female (she didn’t have any puppies) and learned the mother is a smooth coat border collie. I’m not a big fan of the smooth coat. I like a dog with fur. But the father is a semi rough so there’s a good chance the puppies could have about 1/2 the fur Natasha had.

When we got there, the first thing I noticed were bundles of black and white falling all over each other in the garage, and I started crying. I had told David that I couldn’t do a black and white because it would remind me of Natasha.

Once I got over the initial shock we kind of played with the pups. It was a little chaotic. The mom came in and the dogs nestled right up to her to eat, and then she came and brought me the ball to play, then their kids fed the pups their dog chow mush, and then the puppies pooped all over the place, LOL. I actually dropped one at one point because on of the kids was handing me a puppy and I already had one one my lap that I kind of plopped down without thinking, and it yelped. I feel horrible about that. But it was a little overwhelming for me.

They finally managed to sort out which puppies were already taken and which were available. One came to see me while I was sitting on the floor, and picked one up to hold for a bit. I asked Tim, the owner, if most people let the dog pick them, and he said not really. They just kind of find one they like and that’s it.

In any event, I didn’t get any sense any puppy fell in love with us, and we were both kind of iffy about the fact that the dog won’t have a full coat like Natasha. We always liked that about her and David said if we’re getting a male it’ll hide some of the … well, you know.

I told David that after seeing the pups, I think I’m fine with another black and white, because that’s what a border collie is, after all (although the dog I have in my head that I see myself walking down the street isn’t black and white … that might be the late dinners I’ve been eating more than any vision of our next dog.)

We spent a lot of time last night looking at pictures of Natasha, commenting on how perfect her coloring and features were. After a while we realized that by doing that we were never going to find another dog. There’s none that will compare. Our next dog may be black and white but it’ll have it’s own quirks and personality.

I talked to a woman earlier in the week who had two 15 week old puppies, one merle and one black and white. She said the puppies hadn’t sold so she had dropped the price. After seeing the puppies last night I got to thinking about how I hadn’t fallen in love with them – maybe because I was in shock over the color and I needed to work through some emotion – and how this woman had two older puppies waiting to be adopted.

Maybe I need to get a dog that needs to be got. At 15 weeks, those puppies are less attractive than 6 wk old puppies. In fact there was an ad in this morning’s paper and the voice mail has been full all day. I think a lot of folks are looking for pups.

I called her again this morning, praying all the time that if this was the right thing they’d be available. Her name was Kate, and she said the black and white was gone but the merle was still there. Now, I kinda like a merle – they can be anything from gray and white to spotted and quirky. However, she said she’d just told a woman she could come and see the dog tomorrow. If that woman didn’t take it I could some look at it.

Kate and I talked for a while and she said they’ve turned some people down – one family that had a bunch of kids in an apartment, some others she just didnt’ get a good vibe from – but she’d love to have me see the dog if it doesn’t get sold tomorrow. I told her that I’m praying for a dog, and that if this woman takes the dog it’s because that’s the dog she’s supposed to have. I’m thankful that 15 weeks that other dog found a home.

So we’ll see. We think the problem we didn’t fall in love with the litter last night was the commotion and the emotion. If nothing happens we’ll go back Sunday and see them again (they haven’t even been advertised yet) with a fresh insight.

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