I need some dog fur to run my fingers through. The cat just isn’t cutting it.

Yesterday, she found some place to hole up for the entire day, and no matter how hard I searched or called or shook her food dish she completely ignored me. I was getting worried that with the heat she’d gotten herself stuck someplace and we wouldn’t find her until it was too late.

She finally came out around 9:30 PM as if nothing was wrong. Yeeesh.

Sure, she lets me pet her, and sure, she rubs up against my feet, and OK, so when I go to bed she’s all over my face. And I’ll even grant that this afternoon she rolled around with her catnip toy next to my computer while I tried to talk to her about, oh, a whole bunch of random stuff.

But she quickly bolted after about 5 minutes and is now sound asleep in some drawer or the pile of clean laundry or some obscure hiding spot.

Some companion. Oh well, we’re so much alike it’s probably better we limit our together time.


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